Chakras and Plants

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*Energy centers of the body connecting our physical & spiritual selves.

*Chakras absorb and filter the energy from the thoughts and actions of ourselves & others we interact with.

*The chakras spin too slowly or too fast, when out of balance.

*There is an interaction between each chakra and the body. When an associated organ is weak, the chakra will be underactive. This works the other way too. An energetic imbalance in a chakra affects the physical body.

*Using plants is a way to strengthen the body and the chakras. They have their own energy and life force, and they evolved side by side with us, intimately involved in our health and well-being. Plants have vibrational frequencies that are passed to us, when we drink or smell them. This is how they can help balance us in body and spirit.



*Base of spine

*Concerns grounding and survival-safety, the body, our home & family, the present moment, whether our basic life needs are being met.

*It is the earth that supports and nourishes us, and without a strong connection, our temple is weak. We need deep roots. It is impossible to balance the other chakras, if this one is not strong. Treating the physical world and ourselves as sacred will help balance this chakra.

*A person with an imbalance here will deal with fear & anxiety.

*A balanced root chakra brings a sense of security. We are able to relax and enjoy nature, our health and our significant others.

*Earthy herbs, roots and adaptogens support this chakra.



*2 inches below the navel

*Who we are-our emotions, sexuality, creativity, human connections, senses

*Relates to water, which is fluid & formless, following the path of least resistance, always changing

*It is important we stand in our own place in this chakra, not letting guilt block us from being true to ourselves.

*A person with a balanced sacral chakra will have a zest for life, be able to communicate feelings and know their own boundaries.

*Aided by aromatic flowers that lighten us, and herbs that support our kidneys



*Just above the navel

*What we are doing. With our body grounded and our emotions flowing, we generate energy that becomes power or will. This is the chakra that moves us along our life path. It is affected by expectations of others.

*Relates to the fire element. Governs our decisions to act using the strength of our will. Puts us in touch with gut feelings. Rules the metabolism of our digestive system, and when our digestive system is not working well, everything suffers.

*When this chakra is deficient, there may be shame, low self-esteem and blaming others. *When it is excessive, the person may be controlling and competitive.

*A balanced chakra means self-acceptance and confidence in our interactions.

*Digestive system herbs, the citrus family-and juniper for countering the effects of the other’s demands- support this chakra.

We have .5 ounce organic chakra oil blends for each chakra or 1 dram mini-sets with all seven.



*Center of the chest & the center of the chakra system

*The beating heart defines life. Concerns our basic right to love & be loved. To open our heart is to discover the divine within us.

*Relates to the air element and governs the heart and lungs.

*The heart is a conscious, intelligent organ and our intuitive center.

*Grief caused by rejection, loss, trauma and betrayal can make the heart unable to open. Then we tend to fall apart, as the heart is the integrator of the chakra system.

*A balanced heart chakra makes us open to love, and allows us to be compassionate and grateful.

*Rose is the essence of love and is combined with other supportive herbs for the heart.



*At the throat

*About speaking & living our truth. It draws from the will of the solar plexus chakra, the breath of the heart chakra and the energy coming down from the higher chakras to help us express our true selves in the world.

*Ruled by sound and vibration. It is about finding our own resonance and allows our whole body to feel more whole.

*Lies to ourselves & others will negatively affect this chakra.

*If we are balanced, we know we can be ourselves and are worthy of being heard.

*Herbs that aid this chakra help those who keep quiet out of fear, encourage expression of truth and soothe the throat.


*Purple or Indigo

*Slightly above the brows

*About intuition coming to us through imagination, dreams, visions and memories. *Connected to the realm of the spirit, allowing us to see the true nature of our reality. It is where the soul & body interact.

*Aided by mindfulness, meditation, honesty with the self and by natural light.

*Related to the eyes and the pineal gland and adversely affected by such things as magnetic fields, artificial light, stress.

*If not balanced, there can be a lack of imagination, difficulty visualizing, inability to see alternatives, sleep disturbances, insensitivity & skepticism.

*Herbs that aid this chakra affect the brain, clarifying thought, stimulating intuition, helping to access the unconscious and the spirit.

CROWN CHAKRA-’I understand”

*White or purple

*At the top of the head

*Our connection to spirituality enhanced by looking inward to prayer, meditation, open mindedness, gratitude, mindfulness, & spiritual connection

*When unbalanced, we are cynical, rigid, lacking empathy for others, too concerned about the physical world, self important

*Herbs that enhance this chakra are the more sacred and spiritual plants that enhance our ability to connect with the divine and clear energetic blockages

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